Lighthearted Bedroom-Share Your Space Challenge With Ikea

Introduction: Lighthearted Bedroom-Share Your Space Challenge With Ikea

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I would like to share a little about our daughter Lauren. She's responsible, hard-working, a talented artist, a loving daughter and friend, a college student, a member of the Air Force Reserves, and she recently spent her summer break taking care of our family when my husband needed a kidney transplant (I was his donor). She spent her time driving us to and from the hospital, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, and basically running the household with our two other children. I feel so incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful family.

I would also like to share Lauren's room with you. Her birthday is in a few days, and I've been thinking about how much I would like to make her room more reflective of her personality. Making over her room would be a nice way to thank her for taking on such a big responsibility this summer, and would transform her room into a much more lighthearted space.

The room is small (Ikea's specialty!), but with this makeover it would have a lot more heart. I spliced together photos of her room in order to give you a better view. I used Photoshop Elements to illustrate what the room could look like with the new additions from Ikea. The photos on the right are of her room now....there's Rocky our cat trying to sneak into the picture :)

There are a few special things that I would keep in the room:
1)The horse painting that Lauren did when she was 9
2)The deer painting that her late great-grandmother painted many decades ago.
3)The doll that I made from scratch for her when she was about 5.
4) he bed that she has slept in since she was little.

The items from Ikea that would add so much more spirit to her room would be:

A white Brimnes headboard
A Hemnes 3 drawer chest in red
An Alvine rug
A Hemnes secretary in white
2 side tables
An Alvine pillow, duvet, and pillow cases
2 Alvine Parla shades
A Tullsta Chair
a Vagen curtain rod
Alvine Spets curtains
A Socker Greenhouse
An Ung Drill mirror

I would also love to create a quilt to hang over the Brimnes headboard that pulls design elements from the Alvine patterns in the duvet, lampshades and pillows.

Wow! with the additions from Ikea, this room is looks warm, relaxing, and definitely lighthearted!

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