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Intro: Lighting 60's Pin UP

Everybody knows 60's pinup, they are a symbol about beauty and elegance!!

So I decided to create my own !! :)

Step 1: Choose Your Model

Here is the base of my pinup!!
For your own, you need to chose one who has a nice shape to be well visible when you will just keep a global and simplified shape!!

Step 2: What Do You Need!

For this instructable you will need :

-3 meters of El wire (choose youf color for your pinup, here it is orange something quite neutral)
-1 plexiglass sheet of 3 mm thickness
-pinup shape

Step 3: Cut the Plexiglass Shape

You need to cut carefully and slowly your pinup with respect ;)

And little by little you can design better shapes!!!!

Step 4: Stick El Wire

To stick el wire you need to use a hot glue gun and press the el wire on plexiglass stroke with your finger!!!!

But take care it's HOT like HOT GLUE!!!! ;)

Step 5: Plug El Wire and It Glows !!!!

Here we go it glows with just one 3volts alimentation but you can add one 1.5 volts battery to make your el wire lighter.
For 3 meters EL wire can be powered by 4.5 volts.

So now let's try it !!!! It is easy :) 



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    2 Discussions


    6 years ago on Step 4

    The problem with Hot glue is it sticks very well at first, but wait a day or two, and the hot glue will fall right off the wire. One way to make it stick a bit better is to use a bit of sand paper and rough up the wire, this way it takes to the glue better.

    1 reply

    Reply 6 years ago on Step 4

    You are right ! It is necessary to create a little abrasion on the el wire. It will stick better! :D thanks for thid good comment