Lighting of Keyboard


Introduction: Lighting of Keyboard

Still no so I looked for straight construction of lighting of keyboard long ago . In view of this , that often I look through sides of WWW in mornings' hours before I will go out to work no behind I could light light in peace very . Wpisywanie of phrases in explorer was very problematical and it inflicted a bit problems and then I fell onto idea of building of lighting of keyboard . Construction had to be very straight . On myself beginning I wanted to current was taken from feeder of my computer . In further part of my searches through case I came across led onto tape with diodes . Just and they started my combinations to to introduce my project in rye . It is this how most unprofessional construction , but showy , because to her of building I used usual feeder from old loader to cellular telephone , a bit tin , some lines and usual switch , which lay somewhere in my szpargaBach . Total cost of this lighting did not cross twenty zlotys , taking under attention , that I possessed most of part already . It stayed to connect now still so feeder , to bym he did not have to draw out him from contact constantly. In this of aim otwarBem feeder and I soldered on some lines and I connected connector between feeder and tape with diodes . In feeder I got rid enterings' part to contact and zaizolowaBem eats . Small test followed now in which it turned out ,that lines somewhere they do not join . I undressed feeder and I improved joint lines and I checked spoiwo again . It get down to work small correction and all . It sufficed now tylko to make opening ( to wida on picture ) , to glue underneath tape with diodes on spodniej part of sheet of desks and all to end polutowa in front panel of computer . Effect is such how to wida , best strong light and wyBczanie of light across switch . I know , that pictures are weak qualities , but they were made on pane and apparatus from cellular telephone . Tape such you will buy in every electronic shop . Two kinds are I chose this usual personally .Tension from feeder this 12V DC , you can Tape buy onto metres it was successful me to buy personally from rule tylko half metre , because so many I needed . You can her clip what of 3 diode LED .



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    I know English language unfortunately faintly. From this of reason I use from translator .

    You really should have someone that speaks English better edit your instructable...this reads like you used an online translator program. It's barely readable. And why the italics?