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I was preparing for a canoe trip on the John Day river I wanted to enjoy the journey and not spend lots of time on the logistics of cooking a meal every few hours. I packed a homemade travel food that I've invented, called Lightning Ballz™. They're made of all natural dried grains and fruit, bound with a nut butter. I packed a hundred of them, in three flavors, so I could be playing on the river at sunrise instead of cooking, scrubbing pans and packing stoves.

Delicious dried grains, fruits and nut butters in 50 calorie bites, Lightning Ballz are portable good nutrition for easy digestion.

Video of the Concept.

Step 1: Lightning Ballz™ Makes Travel Safer

Eating healthy and proper sanitation makes travel safer. My idea was to design a travel food that can be eaten without heating, refrigeration, utensils or even having to sanitize your hands. When I am stuck in an airport, I know I don’t have to eat something that will possibly ruin my trip if I pack Lightning Ballz™ in my luggage. Plus, it saves me a lot of money on the cost of expensive airport food!

Video of Portable Travel Food.

Step 2: Lightning Ballz™ Makes Good Nutrition Easy

Good nutrition can taste good too. My grand-children found where “Papa” kept his Lightning Ballz™ and they raided my stash. We are proud of the nutrition. This is natural food made from whole grains and dried fruit in 50 calorie bites, each with about one gram of fiber and protein .They're a perfect balance; too much protein will dehydrate you, and too little fiber will upset your natural digestion.

Theft Video

Step 3: Lightning Ballz™ Makes Balancing Calories, Fiber and Protein Easy

In contrast, the fast food “wrap” is not something you can leave in your trunk for days and still safely eat it. There are granola bars, nutrition bars, gels, vegetable juice, energy drinks, all designed to eat on the go, but some of these are junk food in disguise. I have eaten my share of granola and nutrition bars. They are difficult to eat for a long time. Some are loaded with chemicals, salt, sugar, and corn syrup. Eating healthy while traveling is not easy. I have trouble understanding the trend to serve giant unhealthy portions. The Macho Nacho with 1100 Calories, 63 Grams of Fat, and 2640 MG of Sodium is one of the reasons for the obesity problem in our country.

Step 4: What We Leave Out Is Important.

What we leave out is almost as important as what we put in them. Because they are such a low
moisture content using dried grains and fruits we don’t have to worry about them going bad by

putting a lot of preservatives in them. We do it natures way.

The packaging is almost as important as the product. Being able to eat one and seal the

container allows you to take one bite and keep control of your caloric intake. You don’t have

to eat an entire hamburger, chicken breast, tuna sandwich or banana when you need just a 50

calorie bite.

Step 5: How We Make Them.

How to Video

Recipe by weight

Quick Oats 150 G

Puffed Millet 20 G

Dried Cranberries 75 G

Dried Raisins 75G

Smooth Peanut Butter 155 G

Brown rice Syrup 145

Vanilla 5G

Yield 38-40 Lightning Ballz

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    10 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Have you ever tested the shelf life of these?

    Or is it too hard to keep them from getting eaten? :)

    1 reply
    Dr. Joedarus67

    Reply 3 years ago

    Yes not eating them is a problem. I have saved them in vacuum bags for 3 years. If they were nitrogen purged before bagging and the pouches were impervious to oxygen infiltration they should last for decades. I do have a container that is 10 years old and they still look ok.


    3 years ago on Introduction

    These look/sound super good. I could replace the peanut butter for soy nut butter for the little one with nut allergies and she would be good to go.

    Dr. Joe......would you say these are high enough in protein to use as protein bar replacements? Both of my grand daughters are budding speed skaters, so they are ALWAYS on the go and traveling for meets. Nothing like having to stop for snacks on the road with one allergic to MANY things. I will pass this along to my daughter to make for them. You said about 50 cal. each but how much protein would you figure each?
    Thanks a million!

    2 replies
    Dr. JoeTigger32810

    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for looking at my idea. You can use all sorts of nut butters and different fruits and vegetables. That recipe has about 2 grams of protein per ball. I did not want them too high in protein as it dehydrates you. If you want more protein you can add a powder supplement. Have a great day.

    Tigger32810Dr. Joe

    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks a bunch Dr. Joe! I have passed this information on to my daughter. I will let you know as soon as she whips some up!


    3 years ago on Introduction

    The last time I had lightning ballz was when I ran naked through an acre of nettles - which was a large better choice than pissing on a wasp nest, btw..

    Whatever, just to say that I love the concept and that it's the best commercial I've ever seen - so much better than what the big brands throw at us.

    And, avoid to make me sad when showing your canoe environment, the images are just beautiful...

    Sooky is making good progress, btw. Calibrating thickness now!

    1 reply

    3 years ago on Introduction

    I see your Bob's Red Mill bag in the back. That's the good stuff, and a PNW company too!

    These look good. I'm wondering though, are these about the size of a golf ball? Maybe a bit smaller?

    2 replies
    Dr. JoeJobar007

    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for looking at my post. Yes we love BOB'S RED MILL. They have a great restaurant near Portland. It is one of the only places I can eat gluten free French toast. These are bite size smaller than a ping pong ball and larger than a big marble. They are 50 calories per ball which makes it easy to judge how much you have left and how much you can eat.

    Jobar007Dr. Joe

    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    I actually prefer their gluten free cornbread mix to most normal cornbread mixes. Super moist and delicious.

    Thanks for the size comparison. It helps me to visualize them better.