Lightning Plugs - Brutal Legend

Intro: Lightning Plugs - Brutal Legend

the plug bugs (as i call them) are a collectable in the gam... excuse me....AMAZING game of Brutal Legend!
now you never get a close up look of  the plug bug but i did my best interpretation :)
youll need:
-a chandeliar bulb or any bulb you like
-blue paint
-hot glue
-plastic (for wings)

Step 1: The Bulb!

paint, color, wrap, dip the bulb!
do anything you want to get that light blue color :)

Step 2: Wings

use something for the wings,
the package these bulbs came in just so happen to have the perfect shape so i cut them out :) but you could cut old soda bottles or paper if you like.

Step 3: Limbs

bend the paper clips into a shape that will let the bug stand and two for arms.
a popular arms shape is a praying mantis-like formation :) 

Step 4: Glue!

glue everything into position and your done :) simple



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