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Introduction: Lightrider DIY Bike Light

Made a DIY version of the revolights

total cost for one wheel is about 35 dollar

instead of a microcontroller i use simple reed magnet switches

the two outer rings consist of 18 Led's in 6 groups each all is powered by two AA batteries they are located on the hub

the only thing i don't have because i use the reed switches is the cool animation like revolights when the wheel stands still


36x High Power 8mm Led's (18 on each side)
2x two meter long Aluminum stripes 15mm wide (in my case shortened to 1,75 meter)
6x Reed magnet Switch
2x 2meter 7 pin flat ribbon cable (one for each side)
2x 7 pin mini plugs (for easy installation)
Zip ties to mount the whole thing on the wheel

Soldering iron
Hot glue gun
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2 years ago

So I guess im not 100% sure how Reed magnet Switchs work, but they dont start to get messed up at higher speeds from sentrafrugal force do they?

why do you need one? It's pretty simple. You start with the outer rings that hold the leds, depending on what leds (single ones, strips, etc) you wanna use and decide how many sections you wanna have on that ring. Then you buy the equivalent amount of reed-switches and some pin-cables that have the "specific amount" of pins plus one for the positive battery terminal. Put your leds on the ring and start connecting each pin with a section, connect the positive with all of them. Then you go for the inner ring and connect the same amount of reed-switches in a circle and connect them all to the negative battery terminal on the one hand and to the equivalent section of the outer ring on the other hand, just have to make sure that each reed-magnet is connected to the section that beams at the front when this specific reed-switch passes the magnet. And if you want to make things easy, you connect the inner and outer rings with connectors.

and if this would be powered by electromagnetic induction? i did a personal version of the magnetic induction powered tail light, check out:

imagine to substitute the magnetic switches with coils, and put a magnet
strong enough on the fork... with a little capacitor for every led
section i could it's possible to achieve an amazing result.

2 replies

that's actually a pretty good idea the only problem would be that it stops lighting when you stand still.

What do you mount the leds on? Aluminum strips? I was wondering if they would get corroded over time.

1 reply

Can anyone mention how this holds up in wet conditions? Long commute to work that is not always dry.

1 reply

This is excellent! How's version two coming? I'm really excited that I can do this myself!!

Any update on more simple and clear instructions, I really want to build this! and those Revo lights are just ridiculously expensive!

Could this be done with LED strips?

Seems like it would require less wiring? They can be cut into 3 LED sections and wired to the reed switches... Are they too low powered?

1 reply

Of course you can use led strips. I am actually into building one with led strips for my rear wheel, i just have to finish them. They lay around in my workshop since three months or so :D

When i finish them, i make a new instructable for Version 1.0

Any idea as to when 2.0 is being uploaded? Keen to build one but will wait for the 'updated' model :)

1 reply

Sorry that you guys have to wait so long. I hope i get it done in about a month or so, the problem is that i have not much free time to do it.

But i will upload the instructable as soon as possible!

Hey, so glad to see this.. my wheels are too big to fit the bought version... anything new on your 2.0 version? I'm going to start building it in like 8ish days... cheers!