Lights on Lights Out

Introduction: Lights on Lights Out

Hello Welcome to my first creation, & were Spotlighting on "Lights on Lights Out" soo lets get started

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Step 1: The Room

Make a 5x3 Block Clear Room

Step 2: Setups

Make a Green Smily Mouth

Step 3: Redstone Beginning

Place Redstone torch at middle, Redstone Repeaters on both side (near the redstone) then redstone torch both on each sides (image explains more than this)

Step 4: 2nd Redstone (Hard to Explain)

Copy that image cuz its hard to explain (all pistons are sticky) (also i forgot to put the glowstone/sea-lanterns inside the room, you may see it on First one)

Step 5: Button?

Break the middle block then go behind the place a block behind the 5x3 room & then place button

Step 6: Final Step (really)

Add Redstone torch on top of the block & then place a block top of the redstone & then place a redstone on top of the block & then place a redstone middle near the redstone torch (tooked to much screenshots) & then test it out

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