Introduction: Lightsaber

I made this lightsaber for haloween because I wanted to be a jedi but didn't like the available lightsabers, so I decided to make my own.

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Step 1: Materials


  • 1/2 inch PVC
  • LED finger light
  • tin foil/tin foil tape
  • 1/2 inch colored sharkbite PVC (I got this at Home Depot)


  • sandpaper
  • hot glue gun
  • mallet (optional)

Step 2: Preparing the Body

Begin by wrapping a section of the 1/2 inch PVC in tin foil/tin foil tape and securing it down


  • Sand the inside of the tube to make the next steps easier
  • for a custom design, hot glue other parts of PVC and attach them to the basic tube, wrapping the cross sections in tin foil/tin foil tape as you go to strengthen the connections
  • If you want a leathery handle, start by wrapping the PVC section in an electrical tape spiral and stop when you have enough space. Then define the ends with another strip of electrical tape wrapped around the tube.
  • Use any kind of design you want! This instructable just teaches the standard design, but get creative and make your own design!
  • Put tin foil/foil tape on the bottom so that when you apply the light, It will not shine directly through.

Step 3: Creating the Blade

Take your colored sharkbite PVC and sand down the end you want to go into the handle. This way, the colored PVC will slip in more easily, although you still might need to give it a few good whacks with a mallet to makes sure it stays in place.


  • If you wanted a more custom lightsaber, cut the parts off first for the extra blades, but still sand them the same amount
  • Use a bright LED finger light color for the colored blade so that it will glow more brightly.

Step 4: Finishing Blade Touches

Complete the blade by hot gluing a colored LED finger light to the tip and slipping it into the handle.


  • If you want to be able to freely connect and disconnect the blade, do not secure it firmly in place.
  • place a modified pool noodle over it so that when you hit something, it will do less damage to the target and to the blade.
  • If you want to actually duel with it, placing an LED finger light at the top will damage the light whenever you hit something.

Step 5: Completion!

Congratulations! You are now finished!

Be sure to not let the rules limit you and don't be afraid to try a new custom design! If you want to make better looking emitters or a pommel, try using hot glue to make the shape and tin foil it over to blend it in.

Have fun with your lightsaber!

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