Lightsaber Earrings

Introduction: Lightsaber Earrings

Just like everyone else, I've caught Star Wars fever! I really wanted to make some earrings for my sister that were Star Wars-y but still classy enough not to be novelty.

This Instructable would be suitable for any crafter, but if you are a more experienced jewellery-maker then you may not need to read the instructions so carefully since I have made them quite detailed for beginners.

I really hope you like this project :)

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Step 1: Gather Your Materials


2 silver earring hooks.

2 silver head-pins.

2 bugle beads in whichever colour you want your lightsaber blade to be.

2 small silver beads for the handle of the lightsaber.


Small pliers for working with wire

Cutting pliers

Step 2: Layer the Beads

I would recommend that you work on a tray or a large plate so you can't spill the beads too much!

Take one of your silver head-pins and thread one of your bugle beads onto it. Next, add your silver bead.

Snip the head-pin about 1 cm (0.4 in.) from the top of your silver bead.

Repeat this with both of your head-pins and beads.

Step 3: Attach the Earring Hooks

This next step is quite fiddly, so don't worry if it takes you a while to get it right - keep trying!

Using your pliers, curve the part of the head-pin which doesn't have beads on it into a semicircle, but don't close the gap yet.

Next, add your earring hook, then curve the pin to completely close the gap. You may need to squidge the pin a bit to get the gap absolutely closed.

Hold your earring by the hook to check that it hangs properly - if it doesn't, try loosening the circle which has the hook on it and trying again.

Repeat this with your other earring.

Step 4: FInished!

Your earrings are now ready to wear! You might need to bend the earring hooks a little bit so that they stay on, depending on the type of hook that you bought.

I hope you liked this project!

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