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Introduction: Lightweight Camping Shower

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Have you ever been having a great time camping, when you start to feel the salt and mud build up on your skin, your still enjoying yourself and don't want to go home, but the craving for that nice warm shower is getting overpowering.

This lightweight portable easy to make shower will give you the shower fix your looking for.

You will need:

  • black paint
  • masking tape
  • large plastic drink bottles
  • 2 lengths wool or thin rope
  • glue gun
  • 2 paddle pop sticks
  • nail and hammer

If you are already out camping and didn't bring your craft supplies, you can make one with only:

  • an empty bottle
  • a knife

Step 1: Mask and Paint Bottle

    Stick a line of masking tape down side of bottle, this will become a window, so that you can see how much water there is left.

    Paint bottle black, this will help catch more heat from the sun to heat up the water inside.

    Wait for paint to dry then peal masking tape.

    If you are using paint that peals, wait until the rest of the project is complete before painting to get longer shower life.

    Step 2: Glue String and Sticks

      Use a glue gun to glue the ends of the strings on opposite sides of the bottle near the base. Glue the middle of the sticks onto bottle above where the strings are glued so that if the bottle sits upright they are horizontal and near the top of the bottle as pictured.

      Allow to cool.

      It's a good idea to fill the bottle with water now, although it is not necessary.

      Step 3: Hammer Holes Into Base

        Use a hammer and nail to hammer holes into bottom of the bottle.

        This can also be done with a knife or a screw.

        Step 4: Use Shower

        To use your new shower:

          Fill with water (you will loose some water as you screw the lid on, this is ok.)

          Tie the strings to a tree branch making sure to leave enough string to flip bottle.

          Allow the shower to hang in the sun to heat the water. (The amount of heat will depend on the suns heat and how long it is in the sun.)

          When you are ready to shower, flip bottle and twist the string around the sticks (as pictured) to keep it that way up.

          To adjust the water flow tighten and loosen the bottle lid.

          Enjoy your shower!

          Step 5: Bonus Campsite Build

          Already camping? Didn't bring craft supplies?

          Here is a quick and easy shower.

          You will need:

          • bottle
          • knife

          What to do:

          • Fill the bottle with water.
          • Use the knife to put holes in bottom of bottle.
          • Jam bottle into a fork in a tree.
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            3 Discussions


            3 years ago

            Good idea, I wonder if black insulating tape would work instead of paint?

            DIY Hacks and How Tos

            Good idea. I wonder if you could get similar results with a piece of black plastic pipe. Pipe might be useful because you could use it as temporary storage for something else and then you could unpack it and use it for a shower.


            Reply 3 years ago

            Yes you absolutely could. you might have to change the way it hangs so it can hold more weight, but with screw on changeable watertight piping, that wouldn't be a problem. As well as holding things when not in use it would be more durable too.