Lightweight Tube Amplifier Company

Hi! My name is Thomas Satrom and I would like to tell you about me and my start-up idea. I recently graduated from University of Illinois and always wanted to develop musical equipment. I have a partner in this named Jeremy but he is busy awaiting the arrival of his first child so he could not help with the entry.

The plan:
               Our plan is to have a company that develops musical equipment, specifically amps and cabinets using nonstandard methodology to lighten the entire assembly. For those of us without a road crew, lightening the equipment can go a long way to help out our lower backs and those of everyone we trick into helping us carry around our equipment. An amp head and cabinet can weigh in excess of 70 pounds when you put them together, but our design cuts that weight down to less than 20 lbs together. We have tested the prototypes and are happy with the results. Our 50 watt amplifier head weighs approximately 4 lbs with full preamp and power-amp tube distortion. The 2x10 test cabinet is approximately 14 lbs. We also are developing prototypes for pickup design and stompboxes.

What will we do with the prize?
              The prize money will be put forward to renting a workspace,covering legal costs and  allowing us to begin production on our prototypes. This would hopefully lead to our independence from outdated design and back aches!!

The end of the video features a friend of mine playing through the prototype cabinet.



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