The project of VIII Fab Lab Polytech School.

There are many universities in Saintetersburg. One day St. Petersburg National Research University Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO) made their own Likemeter. One day the author of our project, Igor Asonov, desided to make the same device in out Peter the Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University.

On thew photo you can see the Likometer from ITMO.

Our dream-team:

  • Igor Asonov - author
  • Alisa Peeva - moderator
  • Aleksandra Orova - designer, supervisor
  • Andrey Ivanov - just a nice guy, and nobody can deny it :) (aslo he's a programmer on intel-Galileo)
  • Ivan Cilcic - programmer
  • Semen Ogorodnic - electrician, technician

Step 1: Idea.

    When you want to create something in the first place is worth thinking about the appearance of your device, as well as its technical support.

    Appearance of our project:

    • Base - designed piece of plywood (6 mm) cutted by laser machine.

    • On both sides of our device you can see 2 likes, appearance of which is taken by the social network Facebook and highlighted by white LED tape. Likes are made of white plastic (4 mm). There are some place in the each likes for scoreboard, the University logo and name of the University (about last will be discussed below).

    • Scoreboard - seven-segment display, which we did ourselves, using plywood, LED tape and plastic.

    • The name and logo - engraved on the plywood.

    Technical support of our project :

    • White LED tape, blue LED tape and gren LED tape - 12 V
    • intel Galileo Gen. 2
    • Transistors 0,5 A, 60 V
    • Power supply 75 W, 12 V

    Step 2: Sketching and Modeling

    Sketching is very important part!

    Firstly we made our sketches on the list of paper to understand where we should set LED Strip Light, power supply and the final design. Also on first sketch we thought about colours. The scoreboard with likes from ITMO official group and the like we decided to do in blue and the Polytech scoreboard with likes from Polytech - in green. The world "LIKE" between the likes is also in white plastic, and the letters made of plywood (coloured in red).

    We used to use (used software):

    1. CorelDRAW X7
    2. SolidWorks 2016


    • CorelDRAW X7 - we used it to modeling detail and after this cut it by the laser-catter
    • SolidWorks 2016 - it ensures us the development of products of any complexity and purpose

    Step 3: Fabrication and Assembly

    Final part: assembly

    At this part we used to connect everything which have to be connected.

    So after this part we have the ready-made design.

    Step 4: Our Team in Photoes :)

    Igor Asonov

    Alisa Peeva

    Aleksandra Orova

    Andrey Ivanov

    Ivan Cilcic

    Semen Ogorodnic



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