Lil Boat - Lil Yachty

First you will need to get 12 to 25 cardboard tubes and about 6 rolls of duct tape. The theme that we decided upon is Lil Boat which is a album that all of us enjoy hearing therefore we decided to use the theme of our favorite album.

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Step 1: Wrapping Tubes

The first and most consuming part of the whole process is this. You would need to individually wrap each tube which takes up about 4 rolls of duct tape if you use them properly. Then you would need to duct tape the ends so no water gets in. Repeat this process twice.


After you have done step 1 you would need to get 2 tubes and then wrap them together on an end so they don't move. Do that to 8 of your tubes. Then wrap 4 tubes like you did to the 2 tubes. Then when you have 2 sets of 4 wrapped tubes put them together so you have a base of 8 tubes. Repeat this process for your other base.

Step 3: Finished Raft

After you have put both bases together there will be small openings between the tubes you will need to duct tape all cracks for the bottom of your boat then do the same for your sides and then you will have a floating raft.

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    If you has duct tape, you will never be stranded on a desert island.