Lil Luv Monster

Introduction: Lil Luv Monster

A Lil Luv Monster that needs luvin is a must for Valentine's Day or any holiday for that matter.

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Step 1:

Things you will need:
1. Fabric ... any will do.( I used fleece so it would be soft an cuddly)
2. Scissors
3. Color coordinated thread
4. Needle
5. Quilting pins, they are longer and have the bulb end which makes them easier to manipulate and see.
6. Pencil
7. Black Sharpie
8. Buttons for the eyes
9. Pattern paper ( newsprint) or cardstock

Step 2:

Draw your monster design. This particular design was my first creation. I used newsprint but you can use any kind of paper or even cardstock. This will be your template. When you get the design you are happy with add a 1/2 inch all around for the seam allowance. Then cut your monster design out on the added 1/2 inch line.

Step 3:

Next fold your fabric in half, wrong side out,  raw edge to raw edge. Lay your pattern onto the fabric and pin it through both pieces of fabric. Cut along the edge of your pattern, through both pieces of fabric. Remove the pins and remove the pattern. Re-pin the 2 pieces of fabric together all around the edges leaving an opening on one side big enough to put your stuffing in.

Step 4:

Time to sew your monster! Using that 1/2 inch seam allowance begin sewing all around the edge using a simple straight stitch. Don't forget to STOP at the opening! For pointy edges I carefully snip them across to make a flat edge.

Step 5:

Now turn it right side out using that opening. I use a sharpie to gently push the fabric through small ends that my finger can't reach. Now you can start stuffing using small amounts into the limbs and head first. Again I use the sharpie to help me push the stuffing into narrow parts. *IMPORTANT* " Stuff.... DON'T cram" the stuffing into the body! 

Step 6:

When you are satisfied with the right amount of stuffing,  grab your needle and thread and use a "Slip Stich" to close up that opening.

Step 7:

Now look at where it's face will be.  Do you see where it's mouth should be? Pinch the fabric like you are pinching lips and it will form a crease. Starting from the center of the lips anchor your thread at the bottom of the crease. Push the needle through the lip crease and up to the top of lips. Re-enter the needle at the top edge about 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch next to first stitch. Push the needle down and gather some stuffing into the stitch. This will make the lips full. Push the needle down and exit about 1/8 to 1/4 inch from anchoring knot. Cinch the thread to create the beginning of the lips. Re-enter bottom lip 1/8 to 1/4 from previous exit stitch and push needle up, gathering stuffing and out through the top lip edge. Continue this pattern to the corner of the mouth. You can stop wherever you feel it's lips should end. Repeat this technique going back toward the center of lips and then to other side to create the other corner. When satisfied knot the thread.

Step 8:

Find some unique buttons that would give your monster character. I like to use one large one and one small one. Stitch them on where you want the eyes to be. *Optional* - I also added a heart shaped button to it's chest. Viola! Your luv monster is ready for LOVE!

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