Lilly Pulitzer Coasters

Introduction: Lilly Pulitzer Coasters

DIY Lilly Pulitzer Coasters

- Lilly Pulitzer Agenda (other another source of Lilly Pulitzer prints on paper)
- Plain white tiles 
- Mod Podge
- Paint brush
- newspaper/brown paper bags (to cover workspace)

TIP: if you are not a Lilly Pulitzer fan then you can use any pattern you want to make your own set of custom coasters.

**this is a super easy DIY craft you can give to pretty much anybody as a gift for birthdays, christmas, anniversaries, etc. etc. etc. 

Step 1: Tiles

This is a VERY easy project to do. My best friends birthday was September 25th and she is obsessed with Lilly Pulitzer so I decided to get crafty and make her some cute Lilly coasters for her apartment!

FIRST: spread newspaper or brown paper grocery bags or SOMETHING on your workspace. THEN get your tiles.

- I found a bag of 10 tiles at a local thrift store for 99 cents so check out the thrift stores in your area before heading to Lowes or another hardware store. If you do get stuck having to buy some tiles at a hardware store they usually only cost about 50 cents or less per tile.

Step 2: Mod Podge

NEXT: you need to purchase a bottle of Mod Podge if you don't have any already laying around your house. This will be the glue and gloss for your tiles to help the paper stick and protect them from liquids AKA making them super durable as coasters.

- you can purchase this from any craft store like AC Moore, Michaels, etc.

Step 3: Lilly Prints

LILLY PRINTS: now you need to collect some paper prints of Lilly patterns. I used my 2011-2012 Lilly Pulitzer Agenda and just ripped out the pages that had my favorite prints on them.

- you can also just print Lilly Pulitzer patterns from your computer, BUT make sure they ink is 100% dry before cutting and mod podging otherwise the prints will smear (and turn out ugly).

NEXT: trace the tiles onto the Lilly patterns you want to use and cut out each square. you may have to do some extra trimming so line up the squares you cut out on the tiles and make sure they match up.

Step 4: Mod Podging

MOD PODGING: now it is time to stick those flowery prints to some tiles. grab that paint brush thats been sitting next to you and dip it in the mod podge and COMPLETELY cover your tiles in the ooey gooey glue and then stick on your Lilly Pulitzer patterns.

TIP: do them ONE AT A TIME.

- mod podge a tile, then stick a print on, then mod podged the next tile and stck a print on it, and continue until finished. this way the mod podge doesn't dry before you can get all the prints on.

THEN: let the tiles dry for a few minutes before moving onto the next step. you can always use a blow dryer to make this go by faster if you are impatient.

Step 5: Glossing Tiles

FINALLY: when those tiles finish drying you are going to cover them in a layer of mod podge which will make them glossy, shiny, and durable!

- make sure the first coat of mod podge is dry COMPLETELY, this will take about 15-20 minutes (sometimes longer). if they still feel sticky then they are not done drying!

- when they are no longer sticky and COMPLETELY dry, cover them again with another layer mod podge. repeat this 1-2 more times to ensure the durability of the coasters. if would be such a shame to ruin your Lilly Pulitzer coasters after just a few uses.

IMPORTANT TIP: when mod podging over the tiles make sure your brush strokes are going the SAME direction. they should either all be going horizontally (like mine) or vertically.


you now have super girly, cute, designer coasters that hardly cost you anything!

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