Lincoln Memorial on Tinkercad

I made the Lincoln Memorial on Tinkercad for fun.

This is a link to my final product.

Tips: Use duplicate (ctrl + D) to make most of these shapes, otherwise it's a pain to make each individual column, or even to make any of the square based shapes.


Computer, Tinkercad program

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Step 1: Column

Make a column using a cylinder and a flattened cube. The Lincoln Memorial has Doric columns.

Step 2: Arrange the Columns in 12x8 Rectangle.

There should be 36 columns total.

Step 3: Add the Base

Add two large steps underneath using a long flattened cube.

Step 4: Add Grass Platform

Add the grass and the surrounding bricks using the brick wall shape under “All” under “Shape Generators”

Step 5: Add the First Layer of Stairs

Add the first layer of stairs, 10. There is a stair shape under “All” under “Shape Generators” but I just took a bunch of long flat cubes.

Step 6: Add the Second Layer of Stairs

Add the second layer of stairs, 21 and the sidewall pieces, again using the brick wall shape and a flat cube on top.

Step 7: Add

Add two roof pieces made of long flat cubes and the statue on the second stair wall, I made an egg.

Step 8: Inside

Add the walls to the inside.

Step 9: Add the Roof Windows

Add the roof box and surround it with white pieces and add triangles using the “roof” shape, these are the windows.

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