Line Bread Pans With Parchment the Easy Way.




Introduction: Line Bread Pans With Parchment the Easy Way.

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This is just an easy way to line bread pans with parchment measuring, or cutting needed...only some simple folding.

Step 1: Turn the First Pan Upside-down.

You only need 2 similar bread pans and parchment paper.

Step 2: Tear Off Some Parchment.

Tear off a piece of parchment...approx. 2x the width of the pan.

Step 3: Center the Parchment on the Bottom of the Overturned Pan.

Step 4: Fold Over Sides

Step 5: Crease Corner and Fold Around the End of the Pan. Repeat for Each Corner.

Step 6: Place Second Pan Over the First.

Step 7: Flip Upright, and Remove the Top Pan. the Bottom Pan Is Now Perfectly Lined.



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    Great tip! Thank you!!!

    What a great method!. Thank you for sharing in such a good instructable.