Line Follower Robot



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Intro: Line Follower Robot

Hi, today we will build a simple line follower robot, you can start from a cheap online kit like Aliexpress, eBay or Amazon, and if you want you can improve the robot performance like I did.

Step 1:

You can fix the wheels to the involucre of the robot, with some hot glue and if you want a less friction steering wheel you can use one from Aliexpress.

You need:

1x Line follower kit

2x Tracker sensors

1x Robot wheel

2x s8550 pnp transistor

1x Switch

2x 1n5819 diode

1x Lipo battery holder or 2 AA battery holder

1x Lipo battery or 2AA alkaline batteries

1x dupont connector

1x a capacitor (optional)

Step 2:

You have to solder some electronic components, and if you want you can fix these with some hot glue, leave some space between the sensors and the floor.

Step 3:

You can use some black tape to make the track for the robot, remember to use a reflective or white floor.

When the phototransistor of the tracker sensor is in a black place, the output is low and a pnp transistor with a low base voltage is active and his motor is turned on, if both sensors are in the black places both motors are on.

The robot can't turn very fast so use large curves otherwise you need a rotative sensor but this is a more complicated system.

The robot consumes about 0,4A with both working wheels, you can use this for example for making a cat toy or an autonomous robot.

I hope this can inspire you, bye.



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