Line Following Adjustable/custom IR Sensor Panel

About: I'm an undergraduate student at Uva Wellassa university Srilanka and following BSc. Computer Science & Technology degree. very interested in doing new things.

Let's Make a good thing for Line following robots.

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Step 1: Problem

When you building a line following robot you need IR sensor panel. If you have experienced with IR sensor modules, sometimes it harder to attach with a robot as a panel. Also if you want to adjust the position of the sensors when using normal sensor panels (ex: QTR) you cant because of the single PCB holds all sensors.

Step 2: Solution

So our solution is the flexible/adjustable/custom IR sensor panel.

Using this design you can set the sensor modules to the panel and you can fit with some nuts and bolts.

if you want to adjust the position of a sensor, no problem you can adjust and fit easily,

so this thing will most helpful for robot competitions, to doing experiments and lovers of the line following robots.

So hopeful, you can get good advantage from this.i attracted the 3d design then you can get a 3d print of this.

Goodluck with your projects.

thank you

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