Line Following Robot




Introduction: Line Following Robot

Hi, I am bharat .


1.transistor switch circuit .

2.relay switch :2 led and ir photo diode :2 pair

4.470 ohm resistor :4 robot chassis


Step 1:

Hi welcome to the second part of five part robot series. As youcan see i am using the same circuit that i used in Light following robot.i just added relay switch in each channels output.

Step 2:

I build a sensor circuit with a pair of ir photo diode and ir led ( for each channel).

Step 3:

Here is the diagram of the this circuit you can see that i motors are powered by separate battery.

Step 4:

Now final assembly of robot

Step 5:

And now lets test it.

This is not the most sophisticated robot but i am sure this is the easy to make robot.




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    This looks neat mate. I'm going to build this as soon as I get free!

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    JosephJM thanks you can subscribe my yt channel for upcomming project.