Linear Snuff Accelerator - Spring-Loaded Snuff Box

Accelerate the snuff directly into your nose, with this handy linear snuff accelerator and storage box.

It's easy to print out on a 3D printer with only one additional part (a spring).

Step 1: Materials

You will need

  • Material for your 3D Printer. I used PLA.
  • A spring with a diameter of around 6mm. I can't recommend a particular one since I used one I already had.
  • The three attached 3D models.
  • Your favourite snuff.

You can also find this projekt on Thingiverse:

Step 2: Print

Print out the three parts on your 3D printer.

I used PLA and the following parameters:

  • Layer height: 0.20mm
  • Infill: 0.20 (honeycomb)

Step 3: Mount the Bolt

  • Sand down the bolt and the inner walls of the top part untill the bolt moves smoothly.
  • Slide the bolt into the top part.
  • The spring goes behind the bolt.

Caution: The top of the channel in which the bolt slides is narrowed. This edge ist for your protection and should be left intact. It prevents the bolt from shooting into your brain in case of a material failure ;-)

Step 4: Fill

Fill in your favourite snuff.

Step 5: Close

Close the box with the bottom part.

Step 6: Enjoy

To accelerate your snuff:

  • Pull back the bolt and hold it there.
  • Cover the hole with your finger and flip the box upside down.
  • Shake some snuff in the chamber with the bolt.
  • Put your nostril over the hole, inhale and let the bolt go.

You can also try the following method to get a smaller and more consistent ammount of snuff:

  • Flip the box on its side with the hole slightly pointing down.
  • Shake some snuff inside the space between the storage container and the bolt.
  • Rotate the box back a little bit so that the hole points slightly up.
  • Pull the bolt back, hold it there and tap on the box.
  • Put your nostril over the hole, inhale and let the bolt go.

You can also find this projekt on Thingiverse:



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice! You bavarians are really enthusiastic about your snuff :)