Linen Basket With Recycled Materials 0 Cost



This is a very simple instructable.Iit is a basket for the carriage of the linen just washed, from the washing machine to the drying rack to be routed.

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Step 1: The Components

As components I used a cassette of fruit and a piece of wood retrieved from a packaging.

I forgot to announce my cat

Step 2: Of Jigsaw Work

With my jigsaw I cut the wood previously marked helping me with a compass for curved lines. later I sanded the two pieces obtained with a sandpaper from wood. Finally I colored pieces of the same colour as the cassette (but in retrospect I think it would have been better to a different color, which he detached)

Step 3: The Work Is Ready

A few easy steps and the work is finished.
1)I screwed with two screws from wood every one of the two foot at the bottom of the box:.
2)Finally I pasted the Velcro patches (in this case pieces of carpet) at the base of the legs,

Step 4: Bye Bye.

Thank you for your attention. I am aware that this is an instructable very easy, but it seemed interesting nonetheless for the use of waste materials for the construction of a container to linen, allows the linen of dry even before being drafted. Goodbye to the next!

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