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About: I am a POW at Stalag 13. I run a sabotage and intelligence group in Germany, assisting escaping prisoners and sabotaging the German war effort. (you probably don't get my username and bio reference, so searc...

This is a file I saw one day and I wanted to show you guys.

This is pretty short so it won't take that long

As Battlespeed pointed out, some of this stuff is pretty dangerous or uses dangerous materials, so be careful.

Also I'm not responsible if you injure yourself or get yourself killed.

Step 1: First Go to the Link

Step 2: Download the File

Download and enjoy :)

I know it was short.

[Legal disclaimer] I didn't come up with the guide I found it one day and I decided to show this to you guys



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Unfortunately, many of the things described here involve dangerous chemicals, playing with fire, or are somewhat unlikely to really work. Don't waste your time, and certainly don't give it to your kids.

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    I'd have to leave that up to you. I was a bit surprised how many of them do involve things that can be quite risky.