LinkIt ONE Joystick Laser Pointer

Introduction: LinkIt ONE Joystick Laser Pointer

Fun little project that you can make to fool around with friends and family! I used 2 servos attached together to give me x and y motion capabilities and then controlled them both through a joystick so that the user can aim the laser like a video game. Let's Begin!

Step 1: What You Need

  1. LinkIt ONE micro controller (Arduino can also be used)
  2. 2 small 5V servos
  3. 1 Joystick Module
  4. Laser Pointer module
  5. Bread Boarding Wires & bread board
  6. ~ 10-15 min

Step 2: Programming the LinkIt ONE

The program you need is below for you to download. If you are using the LinkIt ONE make sure you don't change the servo pins used in the code.

Step 3: Wiring!

Pretty simple to do as well just make sure you pay attention to which wires you are putting where, and that you match your code. The following is all the wiring you need to do according to the file I provided using the LinkIt ONE.


  1. +5V pin to 5V on LinkIt ONE
  2. GND Pin to GND on LinkIt ONE
  3. VRX pin to Analog pin 1 on LinkIt ONE
  4. VRY pin to analog pin 2 on LinkIt ONE


  1. Both of their "+" wires (Usually red) to +5V on LinkIt ONE
  2. Both of their "-" wires (Usually black or brown) to GND on LinkIt ONE

  3. Signal Wires (Only wire left) go to D9 and D3


  1. Laser's "+" to +5V on LinkIt ONE
  2. Laser's "-" to GND on LinkIt ONE

Step 4: Attaching Motors and Laser Together

This should be pretty self explanatory. Look at the pictures to figure out how to attach the servos and the laser together. Only thing you need to make sure is that the servo with it's signal attached to D9 on the LinkIt ONE should be the servo on the bottom. I just used sticky tack to temporarily attach them.

Step 5: Have Fun!

Enjoy playing with you fun little toy! I encourage you to enhance the project and make it even cooler! If you do use this basic concept and make a more complex project with it feel free to post you project in the comments I would love to see it!

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