LinkIt ONE Jukebox

The Iconic music player has made a return in this modified version of the traditional juke box, using a LinkIT ONE.

Step 1: Materials

LinkIt ONE

Jumper Wires


4 Position Switch


Step 2: Wiring

Connect the 4 Position switch to the 5v port in parallel

Step 3: Wiring Cont'd.

Connect the other side to 4 digital ports

Step 4: Wiring Cont'd

Connect the buzzer to a pwm digital port (marked by a ~) and the other side to gnd

Step 5: Upload the Code

Note: The songs are replaceable and this code has only two songs.

And there you have it your LinkIt one jukebox is complete!



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    2 years ago

    Are you interfacing the switches from the Jukebox to the Linkit? If so, how are you doing this? I am going to convert an Americana pretty soon and am looking for some good solutions.