LinkIt ONE Voice Recorder

Introduction: LinkIt ONE Voice Recorder

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Believe it or not, the MediaTek LinkIt ONE board supports recording through the 3.5mm on-board jack!

I was browsing through the forums for this board and I found some code that called the voice recording API's. There are no example sketches of this in the Examples folder so I wanted to showcase this feature.

I modified the code by zhyena to record when you type 1 in the serial monitor and stop recording and playback when you enter 2. This way you do not need any additional hardware!

Read on!

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Step 1: Limitations

There are a couple of limitations for this project. First if you use the code I provide, your recordings will have to be short because they are saved on the 10mb on-board flash. You can change this by setting the SPI/SD card switch to SD and changing all occurrences of storageFlash to storageSD.

Also, you have to be careful what microphone and headphones you use. If you use a microphone/earphone set that terminate to one plug then you should be ok. If you don't have one of these then you can connect a regular microphone but only insert it half way in. This is what I did to record.

If you are not able to playback your recording, unplug your board and change the MS/UART switch to MS. Plug it back in. You should see a 1.amr file. Play it. This is a good way to troubleshoot the issue.

Step 2: Software and Hardware

Here is the code. Upload it to the board and then unplug the board. Insert your microphone into the jack. If you changed the code to record to the SD card then flip the SPI/SD switch to SD.

Step 3: Recording


  1. Open the serial monitor and type 1
  2. Say something(remember to keep it short if you didn't edit the code to store on an SD card)
  3. Enter 2
  4. Listen to your recording

Well, I hope this was useful to someone! If you have any questions feel free to comment!

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    3 years ago

    Very nice instrucable. I want to use this for my cockpit voice recorder. When installing i get the remark that a library vmmm.h is not available. In some forums is mentioned that the file is part of the arduino installation. But this is for the v1.XX. In the new installation there is no sign of this file. Can someone send it to me or put in on an website like Github? Tanks very much.