LinkIt One Easy Setup

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Hello, This is the first project to a long series that will lead up to some amazing projects! I hope you will find my projects very helpful and tag along. After searching the internet for a few days i found out the linkit one board doesn't have much documentation. I have read the entire MediaTek Dev Guide and have simplified it into simple easy instructables project for you! I hope you find my linkit projects helpful!!

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Step 1: Prepare Your PC and Linkit One Board

Before Starting Install this driver:

Look At the pictures above put all the switches in the locations as i have them.

Open Arduino editor then install this link as shown in pictures 3-13: Click This Link COPY IT)

Here is written steps for installing the board

Make sure your computer is connected to the iternet. Then open up Boards Manager by choosing `Tools > Board > Boards Manager`. It may take several seconds for the manager to download the repository. There should now be an LinkIt ONE item appearing in the boards list. Click on it and a "Install" button appears. If there is too many items in the boards manager, set the `Type` filter to "Contributed". After installation, close and relaunch Arduino IDE.

Step 2: First Program!!

This is a super simple code see next step on how to upload

just connect a led from pin 8 and gnd









Step 3: Upload!!

You will see the linked it one has 2 usb ports pick the DEBUG port for uploads

Step 4: Fallow!!

I'll be publishing tons more projects on how to use the LinkIt one board so make sure to tag along for the ride!!

Step 5: Questions?

Contact Me:

I know the LinkIt One can be troublesome sometimes

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