LinkIt One Music Player Via Bluetooth

Introduction: LinkIt One Music Player Via Bluetooth

Coolest project i have ever made for music lover without any wire. So now you can play ,pause,stop ,volume increase/decrease on your LinkIt one via Bluetooth.

Basic requirement:

  1. LinkIt One board
  2. SD memory card
  3. Bluetooth software which available on Google store
  4. Speaker which support 3.5 mm jack
  5. 5 v supply

Connect your LinkIt one board with computer to upload the code in board.After that change the mode SD card mode to get the data to play the music.

Step 1: Download Software

Download the software from google play store

  1. Create Bluetooth connection with your LinkIt One board
  2. When connected then configure your Pin no as given below

Play : 0

Stop: 4

Pause: 2

Resume: 1

You can customize your own functionality with custom key.

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