Linking Cards





Introduction: Linking Cards

This will teach you how to magically link 2 ordinary playing cards.

Step 1: The Set Up

Make a small rip on the side of 1 of the playing cards.

Step 2: Rip Out the Center

Then fold the card in half and rip out the center.
(This gives you 1 card with a hole in it and 1 with a rip in the side and a hole in it.) see pictures.

Step 3: Finish

Now while covering the rip in the side of 1 of the boxes bring them together. let the 2 slide together and then with a sharp movement pull them apart and let go of the one that is not ripped so that it hangs in space.

Then "rip" apart one card to separate them. What you acutely do is pull apart at the existing break. Throw every thing out for inspection and watch as the praise comes in.

Note: also you can do this with business cards!



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    14 Discussions

     Actually there is a much more astonishing way to link two cards. A trick called conjunction which is in the paul harris true astonishment dvds

    what you can also do is before the act take 2 cards from another deck, rip them into rings and rip one ring as clean as possible, link the rings and use a little amount of superglue to put the ring back together, then do the trick as described above with two forced cards (the same ones as those you already linked), switch the links and give the unbroken ring to the audience

    french crawler, nice idea il have to try that, thanks!=)

    1 reply

    What you should do, is have an extra Jack of Hearts without the rip palmed in one hand and when you tear them apart do the switch. Then you can pocket (usually the back pocket) the ripped one and let the spectator(s) examine the unripped cards. At least that's what I'd do.

    1 reply

    Unless you're like me... I've got the technique down to palm cards, but my hards are physically too small to hide the whole thing (usually a bit of th corner sticks out). So the dilligent observer will pickup on it fast :/ Otherwise, good idea

    yea i agree this will only realy work on those under the age of 6 and the mentaly chanlenged

    I think that people, being as suspicious as we are, will claim that there is a rip inder your finger.

    What do you do with them other than rip them apart?