Linkit ONE Battery Usage

Intro: Linkit ONE Battery Usage


Step 1: Materials


Linkit ONE


USB cord

Step 2: Linkit ONE Battery

What is cool about this battery is it is rechargeable. You can also check the status of the battery via computer

Step 3: Battery Status

To Check the battery status first you must plug in the usb cord. Go to arduino and Tools / Board / LinkIt ONE/File/ Examples / LBattery / Battery> compile and run . This will bring up the status of the battery and let you know the amount of power left. If you see that the battery is low, it is really easy to charge. again plug in the usb cord. Attach it to a power source( computer) and flip the switch . From there it will charge.

Step 4: Finish

That's it. Any questions, just leave a comment



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    One thing that I like about the LinkIt One is that if you hook up the battery with a connector going to the input pins, it can monitor its own battery.