Linkit One IoT: Sending SMS Without SIM Card



Introduction: Linkit One IoT: Sending SMS Without SIM Card

This instructables is continuation from this tutorial.

Check that tutorial first before you continue using this instructables.

We will be using ubidots service to do this.

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Step 1: Event

click on the event menu from your ubidots dashboard

Step 2: Add Event

click on the add event box

Step 3: Data Source

Choose the data source you want

Step 4: Variable

Choose the variable from the data source you just pick

Step 5: IFTTT

Choose the value data you want to trigger the SMS

Step 6: Choose SMS Event

Choose an sms event and then insert your phone number with your sms content

Step 7: Event Name

Name your event whatever you pleased

Step 8: Profit

Now everytime your linkit one read analog data above 100 it will send you an SMS notification to the number you just enter

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