Linkit One Power Supply




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Intro: Linkit One Power Supply

If you have your own Linkit One, it comes with a battery in the box and it is powered by a micro USB cable which also charges the battery. But unlike a arduino it does not have a on board voltage regulator so we can not connect it to an external battery source. I personally like to power the board using a 9V external battery and this is made possible by building a 5V voltage regulator.

Step 1: Requirements

Here is a list of all the electronic components required to get started with the circuit.

LinkIt One

L7805 5V voltage regulator IC

10uf Capacitors



Connecting Wires

Step 2: L7805​

The L7805 is a popular voltage regulator IC it gives an output of 5V at 1A. This is the same IC found on the Arduino UNO board, I have used a ready to use circuit and the circuit is fairly quite simple to build. The IC is capable of regulating input voltages from 5V to 24V, so I can hook up a 9V battery to most of my projects.

Step 3: Circuit

The circuit is very simple and can be found above, it consists of three components, you can also add diodes and build up an rectifier if you are planning to connect an transformer to the input to the L7805. There is no Vin pin in the Linkit One as we have on the Arduino so we will be using the 5V pin. You can also solder the terminals of the voltage regulator to the terminals of where the battery pins are located in the Linkit one board.



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    2 years ago

    Awesome post for persons new to microcontrollers.

    This video also aided me in the knowledge of regulators.