Linkit One - Webserver Dashboard & Webcam

Introduction: Linkit One - Webserver Dashboard & Webcam

Plug in the GPS and WiFi antennas and battery!

The Grove Serial Camera is optional.

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Step 1: Compile and Dashboard

Install my library wrappers!

Copy and paste my dashboard code!

Compile, run and open the modem port to debug and note the I.P. address given!

Web browse to the I.P. address and to view the dashboard webpage!

This initial version of the dashboard is currently a simple diagnostics interface.

Step 2: Webcam Capture

Click on the serial camera URL on the dashboard to start capturing! (You may need to refresh on the first try.)

Currently it is set 640x480 and lucky to get 1fps. The feed is direct and so no storage data file is saved or required. The image file is JPG and so it needs to be converted to a bitmap for analysis. I suggest to using the Raspberry Pi to convert and process the image for now.

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