Linkit One With Temperature Sensor

I have created an instructable before with MS5607 to get altitude, but it also has an inbuitlt temperature sensor so decided to do another instructable dedicated to it.

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Step 1: Connections

MS5607 : Linkit

GND : gnd

VIN : 3V3



Note: These connections remain the same

Step 2:

We use intersema header file which works with the raw data from the sensor and gives us data understood by us ie. in Farhenheit.

Also we compile and upload our own code. I have uploaded my own code (MS5607) with the instructable. You can write your own.

NOTE: Copy the intersema.h file with the libraries in the arduino folder usually: C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\arduino-1.6.5-r2\libraries

I have made some changes in the header file so please repeat adding the new file to your libraries

Step 3: Compile, Run, Output

Compile and Upload the code to the linkit one

Wait for atleast 10 seconds to get stable output.

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