LinkitONE Music Player




Here I will show you how to make audio player using LinkitONE.

We will connect earphones to LinkitONE to listen to some cool audio.

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Step 1: Parts

You will need-

1 x LinkitONE

1 x Headphones

1 x SD card

1 x Card reader

Step 2: Copy Files to SD Card

Copy the music to your SD card and note the name of music you copied. We'll use it further.

Step 3: Code

Write this code and burn it into your IDE.

void setup() {



void loop()

{ LAudio.setVolume(5);

LAudio.playFile(storageSD, "m1.mp3");


Step 4: Insert SD Card to Your Board

add the SD card to SD slot to play music!

Step 5: Attach Headphones

Attach your headphones to your board.

I am using apple earpods from my old iPhone 4s.

Step 6: Add External Battery

add external battery so we can power without cable.

Step 7: Listen to Music!

Now listen to some music!

If it doesnot plays, check your file name and SD card.

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