Link's Master Sword

Introduction: Link's Master Sword

Links Master Sword

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Step 1: Supplies

First I went to go get my supplies for the sword. I chose to make it out of balsa wood. I got a 13 x 4 slab of balsa wood. Then I got two 13 in long sticks of balsa wood. I also got some long leather strips. also to cut the balsa wood I used an exacto knife.

Step 2: Cutting the Handle Parts

I cut all of the balsa sticks. I cut four pieces that are 4 inches each from the balsa sticks and two pieces I cut that were 6 inches. and I also cut a two 9 inch pieces of the balsa sticks for the handles. I cut the blade out of the balsa wood slab and I made the blade 30 inches long.

Step 3: Cutting Out the Blade

So first I sketched out in pencil what I wanted the shape of the blade to be then I cut the blade out of the balsa wood slab and I made the blade 30 inches long.

Step 4: The Design

On Links master sword there is three triangles on it. so what I did was I used a wood burner to make the triangles.

Step 5: Painting the Handle

I painted all of the cut up sticks of balsa wood purple.

Step 6: Painting the Blade

I decided to spray paint the blade. I painted it silver.

Step 7: Glue

Then i glued the pieces together.

Step 8: The Leather

The leather is for the handle. So i just wrapped it around the handle and used some glue so it wouldn't unwrap.

Step 9:

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    Fun prop replica. I really like the burned wood designs that I included.