Linux : How to Install Solitaire!!

Introduction: Linux : How to Install Solitaire!!

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This Instructable will show you how to install solitaire on linux

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Step 1: Open Terminal

1. Open Terminal

2. Type sudo apt-get install aisleriot

3. PressEnter

4. Type your password

  • As you type your password, there will not be any characters or stars displayed to indicate that you are typing, so take your time and make sure that you type it correctly

5. Press Enter again

Step 2: Wait for Aisleriot (Solitaire) to Install

6. Wait for Aisleriot (Solitaire) to Install

7. Close Terminal

  • Aisleriot (Solitaire) should now be installed on your computer

- To check if Aisleriot (Solitaire) is installed open the Menu and type Aisleriot



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