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Introduction: Lion Brand Challenge - Reader's Wrap

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I knitted this Reader's Wrap for my mom's Christmas present ... and she is thrilled with it!

She needed "a little something" warm to keep the chill off her neck and shoulders while she sits to read or watch TV, but that leaves her hands free. The patch pockets are perfect to keep her reading glasses handy, or to hide the TV remote from my Dad!

I chose Lion Brand [ Homespun] acrylic yarn because I wanted the wrap to be easy-care and usable year-round, in the Corinthian colorway -- my mom's favorite colors, rich & deep. (The project requires only 3 skeins, so it was inexpensive, too!)

I purchased the "Lisa Knits" wrap pattern from The Elegant Knitter at Goosepond.

I adjusted the pattern slightly to accommodate the bulky Homespun gauge -- the pattern was originally written for worsted weight yarn --and my mom's short build: I increased to US #10 needles, and cast on only 60 sts for the wrap, and 26 sts each pocket. The finished wrap measures 57 inches long by 19 inches wide.

The pattern was clearly written and easy to follow, and the Homespun yarn handled beautifully, coming out of the machine-wash-and-dry cycles as soft and pretty as I'd hoped. I'm really pleased with the finished project!



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    Hi, you said it was 3 skeins how many ounces in the skein please? I want to make this for my mother in law would be perfect for her, I have some yarn I think would be just right but want to make sure I have enough as I can't get more. I just ordered the pattern. Love this, thanks for sharing

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    I used 3 skeins of Lion Brand Homespun, a total weight of 510 grams - that would be 18 ounces - or 555.0 yards (or 507.5 meters) - for the whole project.

    This yarn was a bit heavier gauge than the pattern called for, and my mom is short, so I modified the pattern a little: I went up to US #10 needles, CO 60 sts for wrap, 26 sts for pockets.

    My finished wrap measured 57” long and 19” wide.

    I love the Homespun group of yarns...this is the perfect gift for our "gramma" who is 88 and recovering from hip break...pockets are the greatest touch to carry objects while using a walker. Homespun yarn is lovely for this

    Thank you! My mom says the pockets are great for her iPod ... keeps her from accidentally sitting on it!

    Thank you! It's a nice gift when you want to make something more than a scarf, but not as challenging as a lace shawl, for example ... and doesn't require fitting like a sweater.

    Love the yarn choice! This is a great pattern and looks like I just want to cuddle up in it :) Susan in Maine

    Thanks! It's an easy knit, even for a relative newbie like me. I'd recommend it for any beginning knitter; an advanced knitter might enjoy it as a break from more challenging projects.

    This looks really nice. I might try to make one sometime.

    Great job! That fabric type looks nice, well, the yarn, I love the color of it, great job!