Lion Brand Contest - Baby Mickey Blanket


Introduction: Lion Brand Contest - Baby Mickey Blanket

Baby Mickey was started for a co-worker's baby shower. Somehow it never made it to her. I finished it for this slid show. I've made many blankets and designed my own patterns for friends looking for that blanket to match their "theme" I could work up a pattern for this blanket but as you will see all the basics are on the graph I made and the rest is in my head. :) The blanket is made with worsted weight 100% acrylic yarn. An F (usa)hook.



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    You did a very nice job on this but I have to tell you.. look into PCSTITCH it will make your next one so much easier *S*

    It's so beautiful! Thanks for all of the detailed info; it was really helpful! You did an excellent job!

    I am in the process of working on an afghan for a friend of mine and I took a picture of his bulldog and made a graph of it from this site.

    Just something you might want to check out. I hope my project turns out. :)

    Very cute blanket!