Lion Brand Incredible Scarf

I found this ball of Incredible on sale for $1.00 and wanted to see how it would look done on size 50 needles, without any other yarn added in for bulk. I cast on 12-14 stitches (I don't remember how many) and knit every row until I was nearly out of yarn. It spreads out slightly and would make a nice, small shawl. It didn't take long at all to make.



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    Beautiful scarf! I made a scarf with Incredible using much smaller needles. It is thus a very lightweight, skinny scarf, best worn in fall or spring before it really gets chilly but when your neck needs a little something. Thanks for showing us how great Incredible yarn can look alone with big needles. I love it.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Amazing, I have also have not seen this kind of ribbon-style yarn before done by itself before, nice job!

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