Lion Brand Magic Stripes Knitted Socks

These socks were knit using Lion Brand Magic Stripes in Denim.

Step 1: The Beginning.

Using Lion Brand Magic Stripes yarn in Denim, I did a gauge swatch using size 3, double pointed needles (DPN's). My gauge swatch let me know that I needed to do these socks on a size 2 set of DPN's. Since I do two socks at the same time (Yes, I use ten DPN's at the same time. Not on the same sock, of course. I work the cuff on one and switch over to the cuff on number two. Then, I work down to the heel flap on one before doing the same on the other.), I cut the ball in two to have two equally weighted balls. In doing so though, I lost the repeat by about a half and inch! I really wanted to have matching stripes and ruined that for myself by not understanding how the repeat worked. Next time, I will use my ball winder and go slowly to find the exact spot where the pattern repeats itself.

Step 2: Finished Socks

I worked on each sock by alternating in sections. I don't want the dreaded "second sock" syndrome to happen. (This is where someone finishes one sock and then never gets around to the second one.) I had little difficulty with the pattern (free from and was very pleased with the final results. The socks are very sturdy feeling and are bright and cheerful.



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    4 Discussions

    I just have to find some of this yarn. The colors are great and I love wearing blue jeans. Never seen it locally but will now be looking closer to find it. Thanks for sharing


    8 years ago on Introduction

    It look's cool!! I also make some og theese nice socks


    11 years ago on Introduction

    They look good...I have used this yarn a couple of times for socks and can sometimes be died very poorly and you end up with a giant space of one color.