Container From Lip Gloss/Balm




Introduction: Container From Lip Gloss/Balm

I am always searching for small, neat, little containers to hold my gadgets. I dislike just throwing things away and so I do my best to reuse. This is the result of my wishes.

My sisters use lots of lip gloss and they're always throwing the containers out. I thought they'd be a perfect container. So I went to work.
This is Instructable isn't very long and anyone should be able to do it.
(This is my first Instructable so pardon any mistakes)

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Step 1: Supplies ( What You Will Need)

For taking apart the lip gloss container:
Old, bad tasting, or near empty lip gloss container
Small slotted screwdriver
Rag ( your hands get greasy from the gloss)
Small bowl to put the parts in

For the gluing of the container:
Side cutters
Small file
Epoxy (or adhesive or your choice)

Step 2: Cleaning Your Lip Gloss Container

Pop off the lid of your gloss and scoop out as much gunk out as you can with the slotted screwdriver.

You should get to a thing that looks like this.

Step 3: Taking Out the 'Bucket'

That part is the 'bucket' that pushes the gloss up when you turn the bottom dial.
You must take the 'bucket' out. This part can be a little difficult. It all depends on what brand of gloss you have. Some are made better than others; however you can get all them out! Turn the dial, bang it upside down on a table use your screwdriver, anything. Sooner or later it will pop out or loosen so that u can get it with your fingers. It should look something like this, Unfortunately there is no use for it and it must be thrown out.

Step 4: Removing the Dial

Now try and pop the bottom dial off gently with the screwdriver.
You should get a long screw like thing.

Now before continuing I washed mine because everything was greasy and I wanted to take off that dumb dog picture.

Step 5: Preparing for the Glueing

First you need to use the side cutters and snip the tall screw. Snip it to just above the part near the bottom where is branches off.

Now file it down ever so slightly to make it smoother.

Step 6: Starting the Glueing

So I used Epoxy but I'm sure there are more options out there. If it sticks use it! I'm sure Sugru could even be used.

Apply some Epoxy to the bottom of the gloss tube. Add more Epoxy to the top of the dial (mine is pink). Make sure to fully coat the shaft in the middle. Then stick em' together!
Take a clamp and secure the tube in it. Wait for it to dry.

Step 7: Use It!

Now your finished! You can use your lip gloss container for anything; storage, crafts, gifts, the possibilities are endless!
I hope you enjoyed this Instructable and I would appreciate constructive suggestions or ideas.

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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    I'm gonna try this! I hate throwing my Carmex (stick) lip protection tubes away! Thank you so mch for this (relatively) simple repurposing Instructable!


    6 years ago

    Someone did an instructable about making home made lipstick