Lip Stain!!





Introduction: Lip Stain!!

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Step 1: Get Your Stuff Together!

Get your stuff! All you need is:

• 1/2 a spoon of some type of lip balm
• 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
• 5 drops red food coloring

Step 2: Lip Balm

Add a 1/2 a spoon of your lip balm. I used salve a beeswax based balm ( thats why it's yellow)

Step 3: Add the Vanilla

The vanilla is just so it smells and tastes better.

Step 4: Food Coloring and Mix!!

Add your food coloring. For mine i did 5 drops of red and one drop of blue so i got a deeper color.

Step 5: Put It in a Contaner

Step 6: Enjoy!! Plz Comment!!



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    1 year ago

    does this stay for a long time, and not smear?

    Cool and cheap, better then spending twenty dollars at a makeup shop. :)

    Wow i have bad spelling LOL

    Enjoy but make shore to not get any on your cloths
    But it douse work very well!! ;)