Lip Chap Money Holder




Lets face it, I like destroying stuff, we were at an information center recently and they were giving away lip chap, being the destroyer I am I broke it accidentally.

I stare into the hollow piece of plastic and think; "what could I put in there?" the answer came very quickly; Anything!

So, may I now present to you, The Lip Chap Money Store!


Step 1: Firstly,

This is probably one of the easiest Instructables I have made, what you have to do is find a cheap/free lip chap an break out the moisturizing stick an clean out the screw thing so there is no sticky stuff left.

Please, if you are in America, do NOT eave ANY residue or your money will disintegrate!

The hardest thing here is cleaning the tube out, I put a little bit of water in it and splashed it around for a bit and then dried it out with a paper towel.

Step 2: How to Get the $cash$ in (and of Course, Out!)

So, you are probably looking at the note an the container and thinking; that is too wide to fit into that container, (you are probably thinking; "wow! what cool money!", it is real currency...)

What you have to do is fold the note in half, (Our money is polymer so the fold wouldn't stay for the photo:() and then roll it up, when it is rolled up you then put it into the container so it is wrapped around the screw thing in the middle.

To get the money out you should use the screw like you would get the lip chap out normally.

Thanks for viewing and please vote!



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    4 years ago

    WOW! Is so cool, practice and fun the perfect idea!

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