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  1. PVC Pipe, Elbow, Tee.
  2. 12 volts SMD LED.
  3. PVC Primer.
  4. Lacquer and Copper Powder or Metallic Copper spray.
  5. Black and Brown enamel paint.
  6. Brush.
  7. Cotton rag.
  8. Kerosene oil.
  9. Balloon.
  10. Crystal clear epoxy resin.
  11. Blue pigment.
  12. Flame or blade.
  13. File tool.
  14. Fine sand paper.
  15. String.

Step 1: Structure Build

  1. Cut the Pipes.
  2. 22 pieces of 9 cm and 3 pieces of 23 cm.
  3. Fix SMD in elbow where you want to attach liquid light and pass the wire to end.
  4. Connect the joints with PVC cement.

Step 2: Paint Aged Copper Look

  1. Close the hole of elbow with masking tape where we put SMD LED.
  2. Apply PVC primer on all structure.
  3. Mix small amount of black enamel paint in brown enamel paint to make it very dark brown.
  4. Add kerosene oil in it to make it thin.
  5. Apply with brush. (Don't let it dry)
  6. Wipe off paint softly with cotton rag. If its hard to wipe off add kerosene oil on cloth.

Step 3: Liquid Light

  1. Blow up balloon for a minute to loose its rubber.
  2. Put the balloon on piece of PVC pipe.
  3. Fix two string on pipe with adhesive tape tightly.
  4. Hang it.
  5. Prepare epoxy resin by adding hardener in resin.
  6. Add very very small amount of blue pigment in epoxy.
  7. Fill epoxy in it. Don't fill it all. It expands when it dry and over flow so leave two inches unfilled.
  8. Put some old news paper underneath.

Step 4:

  1. When it becomes hard. remove balloon.
  2. Make your blade red hot on flame and cut pipe from two sides.
  3. Remove pipe with the help of pliers.

Step 5: Finally

  1. As you have noticed the old one is too dark so I have made another one. It become green because my epoxy is yellowish. Yellow + Blue = green. To get rid of this problem use crystal clear epoxy.
  2. Rub it with fine sandpaper.
  3. Again tie string on top and hang it.
  4. Again prepare small amount of epoxy by mixing hardener in resin and apply it with brush. Don't apply it on string area where from it is hang (Put some old news paper under it so when drops fell your floor protect from it).
  5. When it dry, fix it in socket. If it is loose in socket wrap Adhesive tape around it.

Step 6: Some Extra Images



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    9 Discussions

    Amazing. I always wanted to know how to do the liquid light thing (there are a couple versions on Pinterest) and this is the first good how-to I found. Thanks!


    1 year ago

    It looks great! The PVC pipes really look like copper pipes!

    1 reply
    Awesome CraftsMatlek

    Reply 1 year ago

    Thank you. Now I am thinking about to add some cyan color on joints to show patina.