Liquid Potpourri Diffuser That Blends in With Your Garden!!

Introduction: Liquid Potpourri Diffuser That Blends in With Your Garden!!

I have a small window "garden" and since none of my plants have quite made it to the Impressive stage, I decided to add some color and make it useful as well!!!

-Vase of your choosing (I made 2 and bought both from a dollar store)
-rocks, marbles, etc. whatever you choose. (I bought a 16 oz bag from the same dollar store)
-fake flowers (also from the dollar store)
           *Also, make sure that when you buy them you are checking out the size of the little plastic piece that will slide onto the diffuser reed)
-fake grass (or more flowers..whichever)
-bottle of Liquid Potpourri (surprise: Dollar Store)
-Diffuser Reeds. (I already had some, but you can also pick some up from the store. I used 6 reeds in each vase)
-decorations: Ribbon, bows, whatever floats your boat and looks great with your garden!)

May also need:
-glue or hot glue gun (If your flowers are too small for the reed you may have to glue) that how you spell that? looks really wrong to me, but spell check says I'm good....It wouldn't lie right?! (recommended)

Step 1: Break Down Flowers and Grass
              Break down your flowers, but be careful with the flowers. Dont break them all down to individual flowers. You may want some of them together. Same with the grass. ***Make sure to take the leaves as well! You will want them to fill out the bouquet!

Step 2: Build your Flowers. Slide

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