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Introduction: Lisa Frank Rainbow Dog Body Paint

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So I have ALWAYS loved Lisa Frank, when I was a kid I always got her binders and pencils. Haha. So I decided to do this look! Hope you enjoy. =) Also feel free to help support me by subscribing to my youtube page! <3 See you soon with a new instructables. =D

Step 1: Base

To start off I used a white body paint from Mehron and put it all over my face.

Step 2: Blue Spots

I used a light blue body paint from Mehron to start the light blue spots.

Step 3: Nose

Using a dark purple body paint from Mehron I outlined the nose then I used a dark purple shadow from my urban decay eyeshadow pallet to start the outline of the lip and mouth then also used that to fill in the nose.

Step 4: Tongue

I used pink body paint from Mehron to make the tongue.

Step 5: Mouth

Using body paint from Mehron in dark purple to paint on the lip then I used black eyeshadw to fill in the rest of the mouth. I also used some purple shadow from urban decay to shadow the tongue.

Step 6: Filling in

Using the two blues from my urban decay electric pallet I'm going to fill in the spots. I mostly used the light bright blue.

Step 7: More Spots

I used the purple shadow to fill in the purple spots.

Step 8: Highlights

I used blue and yellow eyeshadow to highlight the face. It looks as if there are two light sources on this character most the time.

Step 9: More Spots

Because you can normal only see half the face of the dog I just added more spots where I felt they would look good.

Step 10: Blackout

using black body paint I put that on my ears and around my face.

Step 11: Start Body

I used the white body paint all over the body just like the face.

Step 12: Spots

I used purple body paint and pink body paint to outline where I wanted the spots to go.

Step 13: Black Out Again

again I used black body paint to black out the shoulders a little.

Step 14: Fill in Spots

I filled in the spots with eye shadow the same purple and pink from before.

Step 15: Highlights

I used the same blue and yellow to highlight the body just like I did with the face.

Step 16: Last

The last thing I did was add flicks of white to the ends of the body to make fur and I added some foam ears to pull it all together.

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