Lit Up Nail Varnish Storage Rack.

Introduction: Lit Up Nail Varnish Storage Rack.

This instructable will guide you to make your own nail varnish storage unit like this one. It is quite easy to make but does require some wood working tools such as a router or chisels, a saw and a drill, I wouldn't a advise making this in your home, possibly the back yard if you have a portable workbench, or else workshop or garage :). I have made this as a Christmas present for my fiancée :) UPDATE: she loves it :) it's holding 120 with room to spare :)

Step 1: You Will Need....

Jigsaw (or coping saw)
Router (or chisels)
Drill - 10mm and 1mm wood drill bits
Some clamps
Various screwdrivers
A staple gun

Bits and Bobs:
4 x ikea spice racks
1 x cheap string of battery operated L.E.Ds ( mine had 30 White LEDs spread about 5cm or 2inches apart )
A large piece of wood for a back panel (mine was some fibre board that was laying around, it is about 8mm thick.)
Some short and long wood screws.
Some small nails or tacks.
Wood glue.
Paint, varnish and a paint brush.

Step 2: Create a Channel for the Lights

Make sure you do this on the underside, if you are using the ikea spice racks this is the side with 2 holes on each side, not three :). You need to route a channel around the edge about 5mm deep, if you haven't used a router before wear goggles, turn down the speed control and take it easy, make sure it's well clamped, take your time and be careful. You could equally use a chisel to do this :)

Step 3: Sketch It Out :)

Place the racks equally apart on your backboard and trace a line up each side, then trace around each rack. :)

Step 4: Design Your Crest.

Creative licence is allowed here, to draw this one I borrowed a crest from my parents collection (they are furniture restorers) for inspiration. I drew a line in the middle for reference then traced around it. But go with the flow and make something that suits you best :)

Step 5: Cut It Out!

This requires a lot of clamping, moving the bit around and reclaiming, remember to put safety first and be patient, take your time :)

Step 6: Put Some Holes in It.

Now use the 10mm drill bit where the channels out the back of your shelves are (this to bring the lights through). And the 2mm drill bit is to drill pilot holes for the screws inside the trace marks you made earlier :). Then give it a sand....

Step 7: Embellishments!

I stuck this wooden heart on with glue, then clamped it and put some tacks in from the back to keep it in place :)

Step 8: Make It Strong.

Measure out some batons for the side then give them a chop, put some glue on, clamp em and put some nails in... Then redo your pilot holes...

Step 9: Paint It.

Again patience is the biggest requirement, this took 4 coats over 3 days + a coat of varnish....

Step 10: Put the Lights In

The lights start at the top and I've stapled in and pushed them back through the hole again before screwing the shelf on. Make sure the shelf is level before you do this :) then repeat until all the LEDs are used up...

Step 11: Admire Your Work!

It's all done :) flip the switch and away you go :) I expect this unit to hold at least 90 nail polishes... Fun times!

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