Lite Brite Shirt!

Introduction: Lite Brite Shirt!

This is a shirt that uses LEDs to light up a Lite Bright!

Step 1: What You Will Need

This project needs:

Black shirt


Conductive thread

Cell Battery

Cell Battery holder

White Fabric

Black Grid (shown is pulled off actual Lite Brite)

Lite Brite bulbs



Non-conductive thread

Step 2: Sew Your LEDs

Sew a series of LEDs to the centre of the shirt, where you would like to place your Lite Brite.

See how to sew LEDs on my other Instructable here:

Step 3: Sew on Fabric and Grid

Sew a rectangle of white fabric over your LEDs

Add a black grid to hold your Lite Brite bulbs onto the shirt. Pictured are pieces from an actual Lite Brite including a layer of thin rubber and a plastic grid.

Step 4: Add Your Lights and Wear!

Create your design with Lite Brite bulbs.

When the battery is in you are wearing a working Lite Brite!

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