Lite Camping Knife




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This tool is made with a used plastic gift card. It is perfect for the lightweight camping kitchen. It is safe to carry in a pocket and has many functions. If you come in contact with cutting edge the most you will feel is a little poke. yet, it will cut fruits, vegetables, bread, cheese and cooked meats.

Step 1: A Few Tools

Find an old gift card made from plastic but flexible and a hole punch, scissors--a ruler and pen may also be helpful.

Step 2: Punch Some Semi-circles and Holes

With the hole punch on a long edge punch out semi-circles making sharp points where the half circles meet. Across from the serrated edge you just made punch several holes.

Step 3: At the Camp

This little tool can cut most camp foods. The holes will strain pasta and veggies. The uncut edges work as a scraper and a spatula. Always let boiling water cool some. I have found that water near boiling temperatures will deform the plastic.

Step 4: ENJOY

A good healthy meal made with your lite camping knife will give you the energy to enjoy the outdoors.



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